About Our Belts

I started making leather belts way back in the summer of 1973 and haven’t stopped yet.  Each and every belt in The Beggars Pouch is made right in our shop on main street, and now in our new digs, The Annex, in North Conway Village. The Annex gave us room to expand our belt making also giving us the room and the ability to play with new leathers. We totally guarantee each and every last one of them! Our belts are 100% leather, with no stiffeners or cardboard centers.  They are one simple strap of honest to goodness bridle leather and are made to be enjoyed for years.  We can accommodate ANY waist size.

Our belts are completely hand crafted.  Each strap is hand cut using a simple strap cutter draw gauge.   Each strap is edge beveled to round off the edges by hand.  All designs are hand tooled, not machine embossed.  Belts made from natural veg tanned European Double Bends are hand dyed and finished with a hand rubbed wax polish.  Edges are dyed and slicked to a smooth finish.  It’s certainly not a very high tech way of doing things, but anyone who has ever enjoyed wearing one of our belts would agree that the result is totally worth the effort.

We use 3 types of leather for our belts:

Natural Veg Tanned European Double Bend

The majority of our belts are made from  9 to 10 oz vegetable tanned European Double Bends.  This leather is very tight grained and is wonderful for tooling designs and readily takes dye for a large variety of colors.    At the Beggars Pouch we still hand tool all the designs you see on our belts.  Available in lengths up to about 55″

English BridleEnglish Bridle Leather is used for our heavy duty belts.  This 12 to 14 oz leather is very thick and will stand up to the  most punishing wear you could imagine.  These belts are perfect for anyone who carries tools or heavy accessories or side arms on their belt and are enjoyed by outdoor sportsmen and construction workers.  This is a truly wonderful leather that perform for years and years of rugged use.  These are serious belts that are not for the faint of heart………there is nothing wimpy about this leather!!   Belt colors are black and dark brown and are available in lengths up to over 90″.

Latigo Sides

European Double Bend Bridle Leathers are drum dyed at the tannery in a variety of colors.  This 9 to 10 oz leather is of the finest quality with a rich, mellow feel.  Very tightly grained, there is little to no stretch to these belts.  The Beggars Pouch stocks this leather in black, medium brown, dark brown and British tan.  These belts are available in lengths up to about 57″

West-Tan Water Buffalo Double Bends 8-9oz

West-Tan Water Buffalo Double Bends 8-9oz
Water Buffalo Bends are available in different styles. West-Tan has a beautiful matte finish to compliment the softer, full bodied hand of of it’s vegetable/chrome retan tanning process. A vegetable chrome retan offers both the strength of vegetable tanned and the “hand” of a chrome tanned leather.

Esquire Water Buffalo Double Bends 8-9oz
Esquire is imbued with a high sheen, glossy finish to add a touch of panache to it’s softer, full bodied hand. A vegetable chrome retan offers both the strength of vegetable tanned and the “hand” of a chrome tanned leather.


Maverick Water Buffalo Double Bends 8-9oz
Maverick consists of a slightly firmer temper and textured distressed finish that really makes it pop out at you. Great for fashionable belts and other strap goods. Available in large double bends for exceptional yields.

Buckles are included in all belt prices.  Buckles are all solid brass mechanical tongue styles and are attached to the belt by brass “chicago” screws which allows buckles to be changed at will.

We custom size each belt to the customer.  Please take note of our sizing guide belt page.


Many Thanks to Roger, and all the folks at RJF Leather Co. of Elmira NY for the use of these photos and leather information and for being such a dependable supplier of the belting leather used at The Beggars Pouch.  And thanks to Peter and his crew at Waterhouse Leather, Hyannis MA for their wonderful assortment of Water Buffalo hides.