Beggars Pouch Leather Doobers

Just in case you don’t know, leather is expensive.  And all the leatherworkers I know are extremely frugal dudes!  Or maybe we are just pack rats, who Knows?  But when we get finished cutting a few hides for handbags, or stripping a couple of bridle bends for belts we have a good size pile of scraps.  And when you do this enough times you start to get buried under the scraps, but we just can’t bear to part with these scraps because we know that we can still make something out them and that as soon as we give them away, or heaven forbid, we chuck them out, we are going to need them!  Yeah, I guess we really do belong on that “Pickers and Hoarders” TV show.  And that’s why The Beggars Pouch makes Doobers!   I ‘m sure Ben thinks we do it just for insane punishment, but the truth is, there’s a whole lot of $$ in those small pieces of leather, and we try to recycle every possible piece we can.

Doobers are what we call those little leather products that make our lives just a tiny bit more organized.  No more pockets full of loose change, or scratched sunglasses or credit cards falling out of your wallet.  These little guys are really indispensable, fun to use, fit a whole bunch of different needs and we make them all right here at the shop.