Sleigh Bells, Leather Carvings and other Fun Stuff


Every once in a while it’s fun to kick back and just have some fun playing around with new ideas, design or products. It’s nice to spend the afternoon carving a new design into a large notebook or wet form molding some leather into a small handbag. And that’s what this page and these products are all about… simply making some out-of-the-ordinary items and enjoying the process.

These are not products we have in stock at all times; they come and they go, and if you’re lucky- they’ll be here when you need one. If not, I might write an order and make you one, But, only when time allows! Remember that my shop is a heavily visited tourist area and my daily customers place a large demand on my time. We’ve posted these to showcase some of our more unique items that you simply will not find anywhere else. And that’s what makes a visit to The Beggars Pouch so special!!!