• Beggar’s Pouch Leather’s 39th Anniversary

    It's been a long long time since 1978, but here we are, 39 years later !!!! Today marks our 39th anniversary in North Conway!! Way back when, 2 young hippies decided to open a leather shop in North Conway NH. And today that shop is still there on Main Street, open daily, selling the finest leather goods we can offer. Almost 4 decades later we are still making our own leather goods. We produce all the belts we sell. We are still making our line of leather handbags. We continue to make our calfskin wallets. We still hand carve our leather notebooks and portfolios. Almost 40 years have gone by the road and Rene and I are still at it, doing what we set out to...making a quality leather product that we could be proud of. We offer a wide array of footwear from Acorn slippers to UGG boots, shoes, and slippers, Olukai ...

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  • EMU Australia’s Baby Booties!

    Fall weather has arrived in the mountains and The Beggars Pouch has received our first shipment of Emu sheepskin baby booties!! Available in pink and chestnut, these little rascals have a very strong Velcro closure that's sure to stay on the most active little bambino feet. Aunties and grandmas won't be able to resist these cuties.

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  • Acorns and Oak Leaves

    It's no secret that I've been having a lot of fun hand tooling belts this year. I started during the winter with an aim to stock up for the busier seasons. I continued last week with a quick batch of 25 Oak Leaves and Acorn belts, dyed in some warm brown tones of autumn. We are including one of our brand new New Hampshire key fobs....thank you clicker for making this possible! Our fall colors are finally coming on strong, and these belts will be a great reminder of your October visit to Mount Washington Valley and The White Mountains of New Hampshire. Welcome to Fall!!

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  • Steam Punk Hats at the Beggars Pouch

    We're having busy and fun day at the shop! Steampunk hats are being pretty popular, especially with the ladies. Laura from Rollingsford NH took home a black lace and Stacey from Haverhill MA has a velvet number courtesy of Randy. It's a long 3 day weekend and the fall colors are finally coming on strong. Good to be in the mountains this time of year!

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  • The Irish Wolfhound

    My new best buddy Maolduin the Irish Wolfhound brought Kate by the shop to do a little shopping this morning. Kate found a belt for her LARP outfit and Maolduin picked out a braided collar with his name hand tooled into the leather. Maolduin shops at The Beggars Pouch whenever he comes to town!! He's taking Kate over to the Highland Games at Loon Mountain this weekend. I'm thinking he will be the best dressed Irish Wolfhound in attendance!!!!!

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  • Maolduin, a very furry customer

    likes to shop the Beggars Pouch because we custom fit our customers. Let's face it, Maolduin is a Big Boy and he has a hard time buying off the rack! And he hardly ever finds anything with his name on it, or spelled correctly! Just look at the smile on his face. That's one happy customer!  

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  • This Season’s New UGGs!

    For everyone living south of the notches it might be another Labor Day Weekend. Up here north of the notches we've had a bit of a chilly start to the holiday. The temp this morning at the house was 42. A frost advisory is posted for tonight for extreme northern New England. Mt Washington has been experiencing temps in the 20's with hurricane style winds and has recorded the first snow of the season! Meanwhile, The Beggars Pouch has started receiving this years new styles of UGG footwear. The Dakota Pom Pom moccasin, Hafnir slipper and the Deena boot are in stock and ready to keep your toes cozy warm. And if you're visiting the White Mountains this weekend you just might be needing them!!!  

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  • The Beggar’s Pouch’s Garden

    Way back in late May the crew spent a day planting posies and getting the shop flower beds and pots ready for Memorial Day weekend. It's been about 8 weeks and the flowers are really coming into their own! I really get a kick when I see a group of folks stop and pose for pictures with our flowers! A sweet lady who works close by told me she likes to sit on our benches on her way to work in the morning and enjoy the plantings. Nice to have a little fun in the summer!!!!

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  • A history of Belts at the Beggars Pouch

    I work at The Beggars Pouch and I make belts. Honest to goodness quality leather belts. Way back when, in July of 1972 I went to an arts and craft show with my girlfriend. Her father was exhibiting some paintings at The Norwich Rose Arts Festival. I didn't care too much for the fine art but I was really captivated by the crafts. There were silver and gold smiths, folks doing stained glass, wood carvers and potters, a whole lot of potters. But it was the guys doing leather that really grabbed me! I remember a long hair sitting on a stitching pony hand stitching wallets and another guy lacing up hard leather handbags. And then I stumbled upon another dude tapping designs into leather belts. I had never seen this done and I was mesmerized!!!! In fact, I bought a belt from this guy. Probably paid all of $8 ...

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