A Clicking Time at the Beggar’s Pouch!

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Sometime last October a Hudson SE-15 found its way to me. It was something I’d always wanted, but never really thought I would acquire. It’s a hydraulic cutting die press machine capable of exerting 15 tons of pressure onto a cutting die which then cuts out a perfectly shaped,in this case, piece of leather. Since these rascals weigh close to 2000 lbs, and cost an arm and leg to have delivered by heavy machinery riggers, not to mention the obscene price tag on the machine itself, I just never thought it would happen. But the karma must have been really good that day because the deal came together and I became the stunned new owner of a clicker!
I recently stumbled onto Texas Cutting Die Company, a husband and wife team ( Gee that sounds familiar) who make custom cutting dies for clickers. I had them make a set of cutting dies for our most popular wallet style. The dies arrived this afternoon and are simply perfect! All wallet parts match in size and shape and my first ever clicked out billfold was a real winner!
I’ve been cutting all wallet parts by hand with either leather shears or knife for 45 years! To me, this is Nirvana!!!
The Beggars Pouch just entered the 20th century!!!
By the Way….. clickers are already obsolete. Computer programmed laser cutters are the current technology. But I’m one happy leather smith today!


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