A first time for The Beggars’ Pouch

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A couple wandered into the shop on Super Bowl Sunday. They had never visited before and had no idea we were here. They were wearing their Pats hats, just as I was and we got talking. The gent asked if I made sheaths. I explained that I made a large variety of knife sheaths. He wasn’t interested in a knife sheath, he wanted a custom leather sheath made for his machete! Which he just happened to have in his keep. It seems he is a dentist from Vermont who, in his spare time leads archaeological excursions to Central America. (Indiana Jones?). We chatted, they figured out what features he needed for the sheath; removable shoulder strap, belt loop, a little bling, maybe some type of tooled design. Then, as they were leaving he told me to just have fun making it. So I did!


Machete sheath 2017