Old Praise from NH Magazine Rediscovered

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In reading an online version of the New Hampshire magazine, Mike, “The guy with the Beard”; found an article mentioning us in a blurb at the bottom of the piece. And I quote,                                                        “Beggars Pouch Leather on White Mountain Highway in North Conway can be a great stop for those who are in search for a  distinct type of belt, boot or other leather accessory.”

Well this is none the less true, as we do still carry a variety of steam punk accessories. Top-hats with gears embedded in the straps, wrist bands with gears in the concho that actually move when gently prodded. Gauntlet gloves as well as heavy and thick leather belts. Yet the article itself was from 2013, May to be precise. Well, now it can find new life again in being reposted here for all those interested in the World of SteamPunk.