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  • The Smell of Leather

    I was cutting a few hides into belts this morning, and a lady wandered into the Annex. She said she didn't need any help; she just came in to smell the leather! I was over in the front shop this afternoon and a guy came in and looked around. He said he came in because he loved the smell of leather, that he could smell it out on the sidewalk in front of the shop! This is something we hear from our customers all the time. There is no mistaking the rich aroma that is so unique to real honest to goodness leather. Our shop is full of leather products both that we make and the lines of goods that we carry. And then there are the thousands of feet of leather hides we have stashed all over the place. If you add them all together we certainly do create ...

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  • Memorial Day weekend

    Memorial Day weekend is the kick off to busier times in the Mt Washington Valley. It also means that it's time to get planting here in the north country and The Beggars Pouch crew spent 2 days playing in the dirt, getting spruced up for the summer. Every year some folks will ask us who does our plantings and cares for the flowers. When we tell them that we do it all, they look at us in disbelief. So here are some before, during and after photos to show that we really do get our hands dirty!!!!! Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!!

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  • Motorcycle jackets Galore at The Beggars Pouch

    We all know what time of year it is, we can feel it in the air, the warmth rising to push away the last traces of a cold and lingering winter. What's the worst thing about winter, you can't ride your bike! So here we are, embracing the change in seasons with your motorcycling needs. Just in at The Beggars Pouch Leather, a whole line of new Leather Motor Cycle Jackets and Vests, Hims and Hers for any style and need you might want.

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  • A Clicking Time at the Beggar’s Pouch!

    Sometime last October a Hudson SE-15 found its way to me. It was something I'd always wanted, but never really thought I would acquire. It's a hydraulic cutting die press machine capable of exerting 15 tons of pressure onto a cutting die which then cuts out a perfectly shaped,in this case, piece of leather. Since these rascals weigh close to 2000 lbs, and cost an arm and leg to have delivered by heavy machinery riggers, not to mention the obscene price tag on the machine itself, I just never thought it would happen. But the karma must have been really good that day because the deal came together and I became the stunned new owner of a clicker! I recently stumbled onto Texas Cutting Die Company, a husband and wife team ( Gee that sounds familiar) who make custom cutting dies for clickers. I had them make a set of ...

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  • Do you know what a Tooled Belt is?

    Designs of a symmetric nature tooled into the body-strap of a belt. In preparation for summer, The Beggars Pouch Leather usually uses the preceding months to do a lot of production. In this case, we've made nearly 300 unique, tooled belts of black, brown, red, tan and other colors with so many different designs that listing them all here would take pages. A belt is something more than just a strap of hide that keeps your pants from falling down, it's a garment as important as any other. The clothing we choose to wear all carries with it a message about the style and impression we want to convey in others. These belts can say much with just once accessory. Come in and find the belt that's perfect for you. We will custom-fit it to your waist line.

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