The Smell of Leather

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I was cutting a few hides into belts this morning, and a lady wandered into the Annex. She said she didn’t need any help; she just came in to smell the leather!
I was over in the front shop this afternoon and a guy came in and looked around. He said he came in because he loved the smell of leather, that he could smell it out on the sidewalk in front of the shop! This is something we hear from our customers all the time. There is no mistaking the rich aroma that is so unique to real honest to goodness leather. Our shop is full of leather products both that we make and the lines of goods that we carry. And then there are the thousands of feet of leather hides we have stashed all over the place. If you add them all together we certainly do create a pretty memorable atmosphere for your nose.

Way back in the very early 1970’s I can remember frequenting The Norwich Leather Company. It was small custom shop in Norwich CT, on a sharp corner near a huge mill that housed a recycle company. I can remember opening the door and being overwhelmed with the aroma of the leather and I just loved it! It was so strong it just hit you in the face.

In gives me a good feeling to know my customers are still able to enjoy the same experience in our shops all these years later.

The real kicker is that after working with leather and being around it for so many years I can’t smell leather any more!!!!