Our English Bridle Belts

English Bridle Leather is used for our heavy duty belts.  This 13 to 15 oz leather is very thick and will stand up to the  most punishing wear you could imagine.  These belts are perfect for anyone who carries tools or heavy accessories or side arms on their belt and are enjoyed by outdoor sportsmen and construction workers.  This is a truly wonderful leather that will perform for years and years of rugged use.  These are serious belts that are not for the faint of heart………there is nothing wimpy about this leather!!   Belt colors are black and dark brown and are available in lengths up to over 65″. These hides which we make into a very sharp, black and brown leather belts comes from RJF Leather Co.

All of these heavy English Bridle Belts are $65.

What the Hide looks like when it comes to us:                   And after we turn it into a Belt:English-Bridle-Leather-1.50-and-1.75

English Bridle