Water Buffalo Belts at The Beggars Pouch Leather

What’s in a belt? A belt is something so many of us take for granted of just keeping your pants up. But not all Belts are created equal. Not every belt is made of the same leather. At the Beggars Pouch, a variety of Belt leathers allows you to pick more than just an alternative to suspenders; it allows you to pick a leather belt that is actually comfortable going around your waist; a belt that you will have for decades, not just years.

Our Water Buffalo Leather for belts comes in three varieties and multiple colors. West-Tan has a beautiful matte finish to compliment the softer, full bodied hand  of its vegetable/chrome tanning process. This leather offers both the strength of vegetable tanned and the “hand”, or feel, of a chrome tanned leather. The Belt’s colors are in the traditional black and espresso (brown), as well as burgundy and peanut, a mellow golden brown.

The Esquire water buffalo double bends are available in 4 different styles. Esquire has a sheen, a slightly glossy finish to add a touch of panache to it’s softer, full bodied hand. The Esquire hide comes in black and espresso as well as peanut.

The Maverick water buffalo double bends are available in 2 different styles. Maverick consists of a slightly firmer temper and textured distressed finish that really makes it pop out at you. Great for fashionable belts coming in two colors, espresso and lighter brown.

And thanks to Peter and his crew at Waterhouse Leather, Hyannis MA for their wonderful assortment of Water Buffalo hides.

All Belts are custom sized and fitted in our shop to any waist size. All Water Buffalo belts are available in four sizes.


[¾ – $34]  [1’ – $34]  [1 ¼ -$38] [1 ½ – $42] [1 ¾ – $46]

Before- when the hides arrive at our shop                   And after we’ve made belts out of themIMG_2648