Leather Stash Boxes


So, it’s been a busy week at the shop!

Although we are still shuttered to the public and hunkered down due to Covid 19, I still go into the Annex and see what I can get done.  A couple of weeks ago I made a few leather boxes just for fun.  Small leather stash boxes that folks can use in a ton of different ways.  I’ve been making variations of these for years, I never really spent any time on them or really tried to make them look very pretty.   The response on the first few was quite a surprise.  People liked  them!   So, I made a few more, and Mz Donna posted them up on FB and Instagram and bingo  even more people liked them!

So, one thing lead to another and now it looks like I’m making leather boxes.  And here are the ground rules:

These boxes are really a one of kind deal.    The tooling designs, the color and the conchos are all unique to each box.   I might try to duplicate one I’ve made, but it will be different.   That said,  if you see one that you like……BUY IT!  They are all for sale.  That’s why I’m making them, and at this point in time WE NEED THE $!  They are all unique.  Please don’t think the one you really like will be here when you get around to visiting…..because it probably won’t be waiting for you.  You snooze, You Lose!

I’m having a lot of fun playing around with the tooling designs!  The dye patterns that I’m doing are even a surprise to me!  I have no idea were these boxes are coming from, but I’m really enjoying the ride!  I have no intention of taking orders from customers for some kind of “special” box.      Like I said, it’s been fun making these boxes and a delight to see what I come up and I want to keep it that way.

We will posting the boxes on our new web site.  We plan to keep posting them to our FB page and I’m sure Donna will keep adding them to our  Instagram feed.  Send us an email or an FB message or even pick up your phone and call us the old fashion way and talk to us about making a purchase, and we will take care of the rest!

I’ve been making leather stash boxes for 40 years and I finally get around to adding the finishing touches to them.    A work-in-progress for four  decades!


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