How much stash can a Stash Box hold?

A lot of folks have been asking how big the Beggar’s Pouch Stash Boxes really are.   By measurement they are approximately 4 inches in diameter by about 4 inches tall.  They are not tiny but they are indeed smaller than a bread box.  They are intended to hold your most precious items, be it a small pouch of diamonds or a wad of hundred dollar bill or even a baggie full of weed, now that it’s legal of course.   They’re big enough for me to stick my fist into the box to hold it in place for the final polishing.  They’re a comfortable size, not too big to look oversized and not too small to go unnoticed.
They are certainly attention getters.   These guys are really turning your heads.   Thank you all for the positive feedback and sales!    Remember, they are all one of a kind.   If you see one you like please snag it fast, they won’t wait around for you!  

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